Santa Makes Terminally ill Child’s Wishes Come True with an iPad

Santa Makes Terminally ill Child’s Wishes Come True with an iPad

Chip Chick | December 27, 2010 | By Ali Heriyanto

The iPad has been used in so many different ways in its relatively short time on the market. It’s not only enhanced our portable entertainment experience but also aided us in ways when it comes to work or just socially. But probably the most touching use of the iPad that we’ve seen yet, is with Nora. Nora is only 2 years old and unfortunately suffers from SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). She received an iPad from a generous person who donated it to her this Christmas. This iPad has unsurprisingly helped make Nora’s 2nd Christmas even more special. Every day is precious to Nora and her parents, so every little bit of pleasure this child experiences only helps her remaining days on earth, no matter how few they may be. The interesting thing to observe is that even though Nora is seriously disabled, she still lights up at the sight of the iPad and figures out how to use it within minutes… just the simplest programs have engaged her.

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