Same warmth fills new house for Beth Coffin and family

Same warmth fills new house for Beth Coffin and family

Sun Journal | January 2, 2011 | By Leslie H. Dixon

WEST PARIS — No presents were required under Beth Coffin’s Christmas tree this year. A new house that the community built for her was all she and her family could have dreamed of.

“This year I didn’t think we needed anything,” Beth’s mother Bonnie Coffin said, as she and her daughter and partner Gary Waterhouse sat in the living room of their new house on Porter Street in West Paris recently. A Christmas tree decorated with large colorful bulbs and handmade ornaments stood in front of the big picture window.

Beth, 25, suffers from spinal muscular atrophy type II, two blood diseases and scoliosis that has left her wheelchair bound. Doctors said she would not live past the age of 2. Bonnie, who is her full-time caretaker, and Gary both have chronic Lyme disease. A year ago, their home, an old trailer with a stick-built addition, was literally falling apart around them.

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