Song for Diego Outsells Jovanotti and Nannini

Song for Diego Outsells Jovanotti and Nannini

Corriere Della Sera | January 13, 2011

VARAZZE – It all began on a sunny summer’s day at a fair in Varazze, a seaside town on Liguria’s Riviera di Ponente. That was where two-year-old Diego met Nadia Ghigliotto, 27. It was love at first sight. Nadia tells us: “It was a fantastic thrill to meet this little boy. I wanted to do something for him and for those who love him so I wrote the song that night, lyrics and melody”. Diego has spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a disease that affects the nerves going to the muscles. He is in a wheelchair, a very small one. In fact, Diego is the youngest child in Italy to have learned how to use a wheelchair. His mum says: “It was a huge victory for him. It means he can get round the house with his siblings. He is more independent”.

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