Boy has group to thank for ‘souped-up’ wheelchair

Boy has group to thank for ‘souped-up’ wheelchair

The Shawnee Dispatch | February 16, 2011 | By Stephen Montemayor

It’s just after 6:30 Thursday morning and Sam Rice rides his wheelchair into a Merriam Krispy Kreme shop. With an entourage at least seven deep, the Benninghoven third grader is met with much celebrity.

He’s handed a heart-shaped doughnut on the house. He’d call it his favorite part of the morning, but his expression when chatting with a Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader suggested otherwise.

Joined by his parents, three brothers, a friend and his friend’s sister, Sam is up earlier than most of his classmates to celebrate Young Variety Kansas City’s one-year anniversary as part of its “Reverse Happy Hour.” Months earlier, the charity organization raised enough money to cover $30,000 in additions to his wheelchair that insurance wouldn’t cover.

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