Local girl shines at Leduc Firefighter Gala

Local girl shines at Leduc Firefighter Gala

The Leduc Rep | February 17, 2011 | By Bobby Roy

For anyone who has suffered a sprained muscle or a broken bone of some sort, the time it takes to heal and get back to the point of strength before suffering the injury takes a long period of time, but the strength will return.

For someone who has been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy or SMA, losing strength in their muscles happens over a period of time and since there is no known cure for SMA, that strength will never return.

11-year-old Helen Na knows how this feels and has been dealing with SMA for as long as she can remember. At just three-years-old Helen was diagnosed with Spinal Atrophy Muscular Dystrophy.

Last night, Helen was the guest of honour at the Leduc Fire on the Roof Ambassador Gala and she spoke to the large crowd about her story of a young girl who has to go through the daily chores like anyone else, but has to do so while fighting the losing battle against muscular dystrophy.

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