Author’s style and “robots” inspire students

Author’s style and “robots” inspire students | March 15, 2011

Cool hip tunes blasted the library at Claxton Elementary School as author Sigmund Brouwer of Nashville, entertained the students with his Rock -n-Roll Literacy Show.

He says, “Good songs, like good stories make you feel something. That’s my pitch to kids. Grab a story and you get lost in it like you get lost in a good song.”

One of the students Connor Murphy has been reading a series of bBouwer’s books called Robot Wars.

“They are about a kid (in a wheelchair) who can control robots through his brain, and solves the mysteries through his brain,” according to Brouwer.

Lise Murphy says, “It’s been wonderful, “it’s been a great addition to his Christmas gift.”

Connor’s mom says the books were a Christmas gift Connor enjoyed so much, the family tracked down Brouwer to visit the school.

“Connor got hooked on them, he and my husband read them nonstop for about two months.”

Lise says Connor can easily relate to the stories, he has Spinal Muscular Atrophy and lost most use of his muscles, but has plenty of brain power, like the boy in the books.

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