Wish Comes True for Semmes Girl

Wish Comes True for Semmes Girl

WKRG | March 16, 2011 | By Devon Walsh

An eight year old Semmes girl, with a debilitating condition had a dream come true today, thanks to the Magic Moments organization. She now has a new pool in her backyard!

Maddy Martin has wanted a pool for years. She has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and is confined to a wheelchair. Her condition has worsened to the point she can’t move the majority of the muscles in her body. When asked about whether she is excited about her new pool, she uses her soft voice and raises her eyebrows. “yes, I am,” she says.

The Magic moments organization, which grants wishes to Alabama children, is granting Maddy’s wish. With the help of her father Chris, Maddy will be able to enjoy the water, along with her two little brothers. Chris Martin says the pool will be therapeutic as well. “The pool is the only way she can move, so when she sees herself moving, she gets all excited giggling and stuff. She can’t move anything accept in the water.”

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