A Dog, a Wheelchair and a Story of Dedication and Redemption

A Dog, a Wheelchair and a Story of Dedication and Redemption

ScarsdalePatch | April 18, 2011 | By Marisa Iallonardo

A black lab named Lex not only came to John Clark’s rescue physically, but also helped him triumph creatively.

“On either side of the driveway out there, we’ve got shag bark hickory trees. If you’re a baseball player or you know baseball players, hickory is a hard wood, and that’s what they make baseball bats out of. Well, those nuts are very hard. There was a nut lodged between two of the flagstones in the walkway, and I didn’t see it,” said Clark, a Scarsdale resident who was diagnosed with progressive spinal muscular atrophy, type 3, and is in a wheelchair.

“So I ran over it, and it should have split,” Clark said. “It should have smashed and there should have been no more to say about it. But it didn’t, and it sent me into an uncontrolled spin where I would up wedged against the stucco wall, hanging out of the wheelchair with three right wheels off the ground. I’m hanging there over the precipice of this driveway, and [Lex] went into action without being told.”

The dog moved from the right to left sides of the chair, pushing it until it was straight, according to Clark.

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