Our Heroes: Determined Tilly is a charity champion

Our Heroes: Determined Tilly is a charity champion

thisisStaffordshire.co.uk | May 23, 2011 | By Alex Campbell

BRAVE Tilly Griffiths depends on a hi-tech wheelchair to perform the basic functions most children take for granted.

But lack of mobility has proved no barrier for the 11-year-old – she has now helped to raise £2 million for charities and good causes.

Tilly, of Cheddleton, suffers with spinal muscular atrophy, a muscle-wasting condition which causes progressive weakness and loss of movement.

Her fund-raising efforts have helped the family pay back – with interest – the charities which have supported them throughout.

This month Tilly joined John Caudwell, founder of the Caudwell Children charity, on stage at the organisation’s Butterfly Banquet.

Her poignant testimony about the value of her motorised wheelchair, bought for her by the charity, sparked a surge in donations which topped £500,000.

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