OP/ED: ORACLE Is Stronger Than BATGIRL Will Ever Be

OP/ED: ORACLE Is Stronger Than BATGIRL Will Ever Be

NEWSaRama.com | June 6, 2011 | By Jill Pantozzi

Who’s your symbol for strength in the DC universe? I’m sure a lot of you are thinking Superman or Batman right now. They’ve certainly got the physical strength and fortitude to make them the perfect candidates. While Batman is my all-time favorite character in comics, he’s not the first person I look to when I need to be reminded to keep fighting in this world. For that I look to Oracle.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I’m 28-years-old, I’m a natural redhead and I’ve spent the last fourteen ears or so using a wheelchair. I’m not paralyzed like Barbara Gordon, I have a disease called Muscular Dystrophy. There are over 40 different types of MD, I have one that is referred to specifically as Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It’s a degenerative disease that, with different levels of severity, causes progressive muscle deterioration and weakness on all aspects of the human body. I say I started using a wheelchair fourteen years ago, prior to that, my body was able to withstand walking the distances I needed to go. That hasn’t been the case for a while and things are only downhill from here unless science finally has a breakthrough. I know it will happen, I was part of a drug study just last year to help further things along, but will it happen in my lifetime? There’s no guarantee.

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