Arkansas Girl Learns To Live With Muscular Disease

Arkansas Girl Learns To Live With Muscular Disease

NECN | December 3, 2010

NASHVILLE, Ark. (AP) — There were cakes, pies and cookies, baked goods of all descriptions. There was everything you could hope for at a bake sale.

Only one thing was missing from the fundraiser at Unique Body Salon: Tori Nicole Partee.

The 4-year-old for whom the bake sale was held had planned to attend but was admitted to the hospital the day before. Tori suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disorder characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and the inability to walk.

Though children with the disease often die before the age of 2, Tori is very much alive, said mother Misty Partee. She’s clever and finds ways to manipulate things despite her muscle weakness, and she can now speak in full sentences, rather than three- or four-word bursts, thanks to increased lung strength resulting from a February spinal surgery.

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